Cooper Strategy Offers a Wide Array of 340B Related Solutions

Cooper Strategy professionals have been providing the incremental niche expertise and time bandwidth necessary to deliver 340B stakeholders an economic alternative to improve organization profitability for over a decade. Cooper Strategy can help with anything Covered Entities, Pharmacies, Providers, Payers, Governments or Manufacturers opt to outsource. Below is a menu of the most popular solutions offered.

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340B Solutions

Referral Matching

Cooper’s Proprietary IT Solutions and Data Access Agreements dramatically improve 340B referral matching results and program profitability. The average savings lift we deliver is 20%. Cooper Strategy provides its clients access to more 340B data than any other firm.  This data not only delivers more savings, but it does so in a manner that strictly adheres to compliance protocols and client preferences.

HRSA Audit Support & Reporting

Cooper Strategy has helped dozens of entities move thru the audit quickly and successfully. 100% Success Rate. We will also perform quarterly program audits and structure data according to client preferences. This is all FREE of charge to our matching Clients.

340B Contracted Pharmacy Network Development

If your 340B patients are served by pharmacies that are not contracted with your CE then you are missing a lucrative opportunity. Cooper’s team can identify which pharmacies you should contract with & manage the cumbersome contracting process with legal departments, HRSA, etc. saving you headaches, time and money. The financial impact of this process can be tremendous, and if preferred, the Cooper team can do all of the work. From identification to contracting and ongoing claims matching we can do it all.

Provider Based Department Conversions

Many organizations have a provider-based facility that can be integrated with a main hospital thereby converting that group of providers to 340B eligible status. The strategic analysis of whether or not to do the conversion requires a great deal of expertise, and executing the conversion takes even more. The outcome, however, is typically a multi-million-dollar windfall to the hospital’s 340B program and Cooper’s team of experts can lead the way.

Government Support

We help government entities improve their 340B programs to make them more sensible, durable, and equitable to all stakeholders. Our familiarity with the entire 340B ecosystem is essential to our success.

340B Software Management

Need to replace your TPA? There are good ones and bad ones. Cooper Strategy can manage the RFP process and quickly identify the best fit for your program.