HEALTHIER COMMUNITIES Result From Cooper Strategy’s Cutting-Edge Technology and Niche Expertise

For over a decade Cooper Strategy’s pharmacists and industry experts have been providing 340B Stakeholders and Specialty Pharmacies the IT Solutions, extra time bandwidth and niche expertise necessary to craft sensible strategies that dramatically grow organization profitability. We strive to help our clients produce better patient outcomes and healthier communities.

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The Cooper team utilizes unique software developed
by our 340B division leadership

Cutting-edge technology not only generates tremendous 340B savings, but it also saves you time. Our team, not yours, utilizes our state-of-the-art technology to access and process tremendous amounts of data from your TPAs as well as from Provider EHRs and pharmacies. The result: fewer headaches, better compliance and about 20% more savings…and you do not have to learn how to use any software!

Our Features

Cooper Strategy’s software quickly processes tremendous volumes of data from EHRs, Pharmacies, TPA’s, etc. WE PROVIDE CLIENTS ACCESS TO MORE DATA THAN ANY OTHER FIRM.

Access More 340B
Matching Data

Cooper Strategy provides Covered Entities access to substantially more data than any other firm. Period. More data, more claims matching, better compliance, more 340B savings to fund additional programs, healthier communities.

Direct 2-way Interfacing
with TPA Data

Cooper has 2-way interfacing capability with the TPAs that support the largest pharmacies in the country. Only one other firm in the world has this level of data access. Average 340B savings lift due to this interfacing is 17%!!

Healthier Communities by Funding More Programs

Referral matching is a numbers game. More data, more matches, more 340B drug cost savings, improved health outcomes for communities served by our clients that were disproportionately harmed by Covid. They need more funding of programs and Cooper helps you deliver it!

The Cooper Strategy Team performed a PROVIDER BASED DEPARTMENT CONVERSION for one of its hospital clients. As a result, 340B savings went from $250,000 per year to over $8 million per year.

340B Solutions

Referral Matching

Proprietary IT Solutions and Data Access Agreements improved matching and 340B profitability. The average savings lift we deliver is 20%.

HRSA Audit Support

Cooper Strategy has helped dozens of entities move thru the audit quickly and successfully. 100% Success Rate. This is FREE to our matching Clients.

Independent Compliance
Auditing & Reporting

We can perform audits monthly, quarterly or yearly, depending on entity preference. We also customize reports according to client preferences.

Provider Based Department Conversions for 340B Eligibility

Convert groups of Providers from non-340B eligible to eligible status. The process is complex, but multi-million-dollar savings windfalls are the result.

Government Support

We help government entities improve their 340B programs to make them more sensible, durable, and equitable to all stakeholders.

Contracted Pharmacy Network Development

Cooper Strategy data shows where your patients are filling their prescriptions. We can manage the contracting process to capture significantly more savings.


Cooper Strategy can access and process more 340B data than any other firm that provides 340B program assistance to covered entities. More data, more referrals matched, better compliance, more savings, more programs, healthier communities. No firm provides CE’s access to more data.

Our team works with hundreds of covered entities and improves 340B savings by an average of 20%. If you are happy with the performance of your 340B program you might want to look more closely. With Covid 19 we just had an important effectiveness test performed in our country, and the stakeholders responsible for the health and wellbeing of our nation’s underserved communities did not perform well. Email me at [email protected] to see a copy of the report issued by The Journal of the American Medical Association which reports that disproportionately high hospital admissions and death rates were pervasive throughout underserved communities around the USA served by the 340B Program.

Cooper leadership acknowledged that we, as a company, can do better, so we streamlined operations and discounted our rates to send more funds to community programs that result in healthier populations. But we can’t do it without partnering with covered entities. Whether we can improve your savings 8% or 38% your community needs it, and we never charge a cent unless we deliver results. Guaranteed.

Tom Bednarek

Managing Director
Cooper Strategy, LLC
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Pharmacy Solutions

Accreditation and Re-accreditation Assistance

URAC, ACHC, TJC, etc. Cooper Strategy’s seasoned pharmacists guide you through the process with proven policy templates that have achieved a 100% success rate over the past decade.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Cooper Strategy executives have decades of experience in both buy-side and sell side representation. Marketing, negotiating, funding tactics, etc. Let our experts guide you through the process.

Growth Strategies & Marketing Assistance

Do you need to drive patients to your pharmacy? Cooper Strategy experts can help design a plan geared to your unique needs.

Payer Relations Contracting

Are you tired of turning away patients because you are not able to be reimbursed by their Insurance Network? Cooper Strategy Consultants have the expertise and relationships, developed from years in the business, to help pharmacies gain network acceptance in even the most difficult networks to penetrate.

Thanks for checking us out! Our team has decades of experience working for Specialty Pharmacies and 340B Stakeholders from coast to coast. Please contact us for a free consultation to see if we are a good fit for your unique needs.