340B Solutions for Hospitals

As the primary steward for health funding in many communities, Cooper Strategy can help your hospital receive the benefit of reduced drug prices on more eligible 340B prescriptions, while helping ensure compliance with our IT based solutions.

Cooper Strategy can access and process more 340B data that any other firm. We obtain data from all TPAs, Primary Care HER, Specialist HER, and pharmacies. More data, more matches, more savings, more program funding and healthier communities.

We can also help you identify the pharmacies located where your patients live and work, and we’ll get them contracted quickly. Our dedicated implementation team will support you through the process and get your team ready to go live. Then, it’s business as usual except you have more 340B savings for your hospital to use on patient-centered programs and services.

  • A sensible pharmacy network offers more choices, including some exclusive relationships and significantly more savings.
  • Dedicated implementation team and proven processes will start diving significantly more prescriptions in about 30 days.
  • Our tremendous access to data ensures compliance by allowing 340B replenishment only on prescriptions that meet eligibility requirements
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